Savor Saigon Settles Down

“Wedding Night” by the brilliant an inimitable Nguyễn Thành Phong.

Dear Food-Eating World,

A few things happened since we last updated this site.

First, Nhan and Calvin spent a year living in Singapore. Nhan worked; Calvin mostly ate Kaya toast.

Calvin could write a dissertation on Kaya Toast, but who would read it?

After winning a James Beard Award, Calvin appeared in the Saigon episode of Somebody Feed Phil and helped cast the Saigon episode of Street Food.

Truoc, a snail-cooking superhuman, starred in her own episode of Street Food Asia.

We flew to Los Angeles to edit that episode (as well as the season-opener in Bangkok). While there, Nhan agreed to marry him and try out America.

Nhan and Calvin got married like Larry.

Do not despair!

Nhan’s recipe for bánh mì will be included in Phil’s forthcoming cookbook. While Calvin rarely writes anymore, he did publish his first short-story in the Mekong Review. But, these days, he mainly works on political/cultural projects at Altimeter Films.

You can continue to reach out through this site. If you’re in need of a Saigon food sherpa, Calvin will try to put you in touch with an underemployed fun person. Furthermore, after half a decade of hand-wringing, they promise to publish a usable map of street food tips for eaters eyeing a post-pandemic Ho Chi Minh City.

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