Custom Food Tours

Custom Food Tours:

Ho Chi Minh City can overwhelm and befuddle even the best travelers. It’s hot. It’s full of motorbikes. And everything’s in Vietnamese! Get out of your hotel room and out into the street with people who know how to speak the language and where to eat. Nhàn Vân (a Saigon native) and Calvin Godfrey (a journalist and expat) offer tours designed to give you an intimate look at life here. Nhan and Calvin will meet you at your hotel or guest house, provide you with a cell phone and help ensure you get everything you want out of your visit. Below are some brief descriptions of your tour options. We can escort you by car or motorbike, depending on your preference. And we’ll be sure to stop in to cool landmarks, salons and coffee shops to help break up all the delicious food.
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A King on His Throne

Alleys and Side Streets:
This is for those who want the “best” banh mi, a “real” pho and perhaps a couple plates of snails and chicken feet. Nhàn and Calvin love these things (not because they’re “weird” or “gross”) but because they’re wonderful by almost any measure.If you have the time, let them take you into the hidden homes and alleys where Vietnam’s best food is cooked and served–the kind of places where no one speaks English and menus may change daily.
We’re not shy about sharing our favorite spots (we’re blogging about them!) but new places come up faster than we can post them.
The Cosmopolite:cosmopolite
If you’re traveling on business (or just want a break from Vietnamese food) Savor Saigon can take you out for some international eats.As a growing international hub, Saigon has attracted a decent population of well-heeled expatriates and adventurous locals. Saigon now boats some divine Japanese Izakayas, fancy pants South Indian spots, Malay Roti stands and even (we promise) a world-class, wood fired pizzeria. You can have it all.
Finish it up with a beer served on one of the city’s rooftop bars or a round of pot-still rice wine.
The Veggie:
Vegans and vegetarians can’t do much better than Saigon.
The Vietnamese belief that everyone must be on their best behavior on full moon nights means that 90 percent of the population goes out for greens at least once a month. As such, Ho Chi Minh City is home to some of the tastiest mushroom-enriched, tofu-addled vegan fare in the known universe.
The evening may start with platters of the Mekong Delta’s steamed veggies and end with Taiwanese crullers and a late night bowl of hot soy milk. And the durian. trời ơi, the durian.
The Nationalist:pigfoot
Most of the Vietnamese food you get abroad is prepared by cooks who left Saigon a few decades ago. Since then, the town has sucked up aspiring and talented cooks from every corner of the country.If you don’t have time for a stopover in Hanoi or Central Vietnam, Savor Saigon will bring you to authentic regional spots for Danang noodles, Hanoi barbecue and Hue-style finger food. Naturally, we’ll make stops for lesser-known southern desserts, specialty beverages and seasonal fruit. You’ll go home with a good grasp of Vietnamese table etiquette and the subtle differences between the flavors and textures of Vietnam’s various cuisines.

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