Langbiang Art Station Homestay

A message from the webmaster or SavorSaigon and Lang Biang Art Station Homestay:

We are all very proud of Calvin for his work as a producer on Netflix’s Street Food series. It could be argued that Calvin’s work has helped preserve the street food scene that makes Saigon special. As local government officials were starting to run street food vendors off, Calvin helped showcase the thousands of people’s families who survive on the street food culture.

These stories in the first series may have helped fill the sidewalks again with the vibrant food culture, which is why tourists flock to Vietnam. We are sorry that Calvin isn’t in Saigon to run food tours but happy he is continuing to promote Vietnam in a positive way. We are also happy the positive, global image Vietnam is getting these days and that the government realizes it is the local culture that makes it special.

We are happy to maintain these pages and hope you are following Calvin on his blog, and we all look forward to Calvin continuing to write with his insights and humor.

Please forgive this post, I am just a webmaster shamelessly promoting some friends of ours doing a homestay in Langbiang, Dalat near the famous mountain peak.
Langbiang Art Station is Langbiang’s first homestay and is only 12k outside of Dalat. We know you may be considering the cool mountains of Dalat and only share Langbiang Art Station Homestay for your pleasure. Thanks and enjoy Vietnam! Come back soon Calvin, we have the private room for you. -Paul

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